We accept payment for TXDM in Ethereum.

To enable mass adoption to the general public to keep this a simple process as possible we have pegged USD to ETH conversion rate to our interface at $5 dollars per token with $100 buy-in during the pre-token sale later rising to $250 in the Initial token offering phase.

Everyone understands dollars but not cryptocurrency and one of the aims of this Fund is to make it simple for everyone to understand as cryptocurrency and blockchain is more geared to developers and technologically savvy people rather than the general public and often times it can become confusing and complicated for a person who is new to the crypto industry to get their heads around.

Fluxtutaions in cryptocurrency can be rather volatile, for example, if one client bought 1 ETH for $200 but the price dropped 1 week later to $100 during the token sales, then some clients would benefit more than other clients and we believe that to be unjust and unfair to clients who have bought in at a higher price and therefore we have priced it in USD.                                                                                                 

When a client puts in the number of tokens they are purchasing in the interface on our buy token page https://titanxrp.com/token it connects with Metamask and converts 100 dollars on Metamask if buying 20 tokens for example into Ethereum, which saves the client a lot of trouble of looking up conversions of ETH to their currency.

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