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It is normal for any stock, currency or cryptocurrencies etc to rise and fall as part of its cycle. The key is to know when the right time to enter and exit is using proper risk management because you can not get it right 100% of the time all the time and hedging risk by diversifying into different instruments and profitable forward-thinking industries and projects with real-life uses.  

The old saying what comes up must go down and what goes down must go up again rings true.

Most often times you hear about people who trade who are new lose money. This is because they do not use proper risk management and often over leverage themselves due to emotions and financial circumstances putting them under pressure which makes them get emotional and cloud their judgement so they get caught in the fear cycle when they are losing and become over emotional and exit at the wrong time or become too euphoric when they see they are in profit and overextend due to of lack of experience or exit too early with hardly any profit from fear of loss or listening to the news which often portrays FUD which makes them exit too early or in loss.

This is where having Seasoned traders comes in because they are not driven by emotions or by news events or world events but rather analysis.







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